De Nolf's is located in downtown South Bend across the street from the post office. A safe space to enjoy with family, friends and co-workers.



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W-TH: 8-11 ~ 1-6

F-SU: 8-3


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The Daily Snippet


We are excited to announce the shops new podcast! We want to learn more about our clientele and our community. We have people from all walks of life coming through the door and never know what interesting conversations will happen. While the podcast will be set in the barbershop it will not focus on barbering but rather the clients, who they are and what they do.

The fun part is, the podcast will be conducted in the barber chair while you're getting a haircut, scissors snipping away, trimmers buzzing, coffee shop sounds all happening in the background. It will feel like the listeners are there at the shop, hanging out and having a great time right along with us!

We want everyone to know how amazing South Bend really is. What better way than talking about the awesome people who live and work here. Our goal is to make this podcast an available resource for everyone. If you want to share personal stories, promote your business or just shout out a buddies birthday we hope this podcast becomes your go-to place to do so.


Our pocket combs are meant to be on the go, hence the word "pocket". If you don't already have one, stop in the shop and pick up a comb for $1.50. Carry it with you and snap a photo of you with your comb and tag yourself with #followthecomb. We love to see all the cool places our clients live and travel. Take De Nolf's with you on your adventures and let others #followthecomb !

Coffee Haircuts Antiques.png

1920 Koken Round Base Barber Chairs

These chairs are Ethan's babies. He can tell you all about them when you come to the shop. This past summer of 2020 they turned 100 yrs old! To ensure these chairs last another 100 years. Please watch the video below to see what the proper way to enter/exit an antique barber chair. Thanks!