Lets start from the very beginning…


I met my wife, Hedy, in art school at The University of Texas at Arlington. We majored in Graphic Design and I focused my time in drawing. We moved to Alexandria, Virginia in 2012 and I worked as a Graphic Designer and Senoir Sign Maker. 


Not totally fulfilled with the graphic design and the sign business, I enrolled into Barber College in 2013. I knew I wanted to open a shop in the Old Town Alexandria area, so I became a traveling barber to build clientele. I would cut hair in clients homes and I struck an exclusive deal as an in-house barber for a few Buzzuto Properties (they are high-end luxury apartments). All while being a Sign Maker at The George Washington University. I had an amazing opportunity for a few seasons to work with DC United cutting players and staff. I finally opened up my first shop, Virginia Barbers’ Club, in Old Town Alexandria in 2017. 


For the same reasons I got into the hair business, giving people confidence and building strong bonds with my clients, I decided to broaden my horizons into scalp micro pigmentation. I went to school in New York for SMP and received my license in Virginia in 2018. Talk about giving your clients confidence, SMP brings that to a whole different dimension. Helping people add density to hairlines and scalp and filling in scars. Rejuvenating clients looks in a matter of a few hours, that’s what SMP can do.


Since art school I’ve always wanted to become a tattoo artist, thus far life hasn’t lined up for that… yet. In Virginia, they have 2 separate licenses for SMP and tattooing. Like most states have separate licenses for Barbering and Cosmetology. However, in the state of Indiana, they view SMP and tattooing as the same thing. So in 2021 my SMP license from Virginia will give me reciprocity here in Indiana and I just may be adding tattoo artist to my resume.


I’m excited for what 2021 has in store.  #StayTuned