Podcast Pilot

Learning how to setup our Zoom H4N Pro, playing around with placement and giving it the good old college try.

Ryan Blaske


When I started thinking about developing my own podcast, I knew I needed to talk to Ryan and get advice on audio equipment. Ryan is a super talented local videographer who is constantly working on amazing projects.

The challenge was having equipment that would work while I was cutting hair in the chair and pick up our voices over the buzzing of clippers and through our face masks. Using lava mics and 2 phones seemed the easy choice, but I didn't have an extra phone lying around, plus I wanted to have a more professional set up.

Ryan turned me onto the Zoom H4N Pro. We scheduled an early morning cut and trial run for the podcast on Saturday October 3rd. However, plugging in 2 Rode lava mics wasn't as easy as we thought. Apparently we needed a few more connections to activate the mics to the recording device. Ugh... technology!

I took a trip to Guitar Center and hashed it out with one of the employees. We went with a 1/4" adaptor that goes into another adaptor that goes into the lava mic. Of course they didn't have one of the pieces in stock so it had to be shipped to the house. The waiting game began...


Finally everything came in and it was time to give it a go. Not totally sure if this concept of recording a podcast in a barber chair while getting a haircut would actually work, but we were going to give it the good old college try. The first part of the pilot episode Ryan and I are setting up the Zoom H4N Pro, checking the levels on the mics and playing around with mic placement.

I've cut Ryan's hair for a long time now, but this was different. Mic'ed up and having the recording device hang off the chair was... different to say the least. It will definitely take some getting used to, but so was cutting clients with a mask on. Sooner or later it becomes second nature.

The conversation was fluid and had little to no lulls. Ryan has definitely done this before. We got to talk about his short documentary: Big Enough, Small Enough - South Bend in Transition. Which you can watch for free on Amazon , YouTube and Vimeo. The documentary has a lot of great shots of the city, that most people would naturally overlook.

It's an interesting time to live and work in South Bend, IN. People are staying in town, moving back and taking pride in our community. A network of entrepreneurs getting a chance to get off the ground and try something new. Ryan along with Chuck Fry and Jacob Titus have started a new idea called The Corner Store Project. All three guys were telling different stories about South Bend, and decided why not put it together. You can learn more about the Corner Store project at Westsb.com. Through your support, Ryan, Chuck and Jacob can continue telling the lesser known stories about our city and the people who make South Bend’s heart beat.

If you would like to be a guest on our show, please visit our website, www.denolfs.com, follow the prompts for The Daily Snippet and we will make it happen!

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